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We understand that not everybody has the time or inclination to maintain their own yards. Most people would rather not think about to keep their garden messy; obviously they want to keep it tidy. And here, Calscut is entirely dedicated to every aspect of lawn care for all lawn owners. Whether you have a front yard or have plenty of gardens, we are always at your service with all garden maintenance needs.

Lawn Mowing

When people think of lawn they usually think of something very green; something they might see on the fairways of a golf course and...

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Some people consider it a pastime and for some it’s an activity of tending and cultivating. We believe gardening is the ...

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Hedging and Pruning

A perfect hedge looks beautiful and more natural as well as it adds extra glamour to your lovely yard. No matter what sized...

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Whether you are looking for a total lawn landscaping makeover or would just like to know some ideas on how to make your field...

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are designed to be the sentries of your home. Ideally, they control the flow of water and protect your home from...

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Weed Removal

Whether you like it or not, they are not going to stop. Weeds grow in lawns; compete with your lovely plants and grasses for...

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Pest Control

Natural pest control is less expensive than buying and applying pesticides, and also safer for your garden. The most easiest...

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Waste Clearance & Disposal

Most people feel guilty of having a pile of rubbish, food containers, home equipments, or green waste lying around their...

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Overall Maintenance

Keeping a healthy and beautiful lawn or garden is indeed not a piece of cake; it does take time, patience and the right information. Your lawn can be a source of pride, an oasis for your family. As they say, a beautiful lawn starts with preparation and selecting the right grass, ...

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Maintaining allure of a lawn is an arduous task. To accomplish it, we apply our lawn care practices and environmentally friendly methods to keep your fairyland healthy and charismatic for good.

How to Contact Us?

We have got a keen eye for details and years of experience under our belt. We can guarantee 100% positive results! Our services are in New South Wales, but we are also happy to travel outside for larger jobs.

If you want to be a proud owner of a luxuriant and pretty lawn, just give us a call @ 0123456789 or contact us via the form below and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.