How Can You Refresh Your Lawn?

Lawn Care Services
October 25, 2017 Admin Lawn Mowers

If you are living in an apartment or private house, and you love gardens at your house, you need to know it is tough. This is not a lifestyle meant for everybody but it can be done with the help of professionals. If you are really passionate about gardening, you would like to grow plants without bothering about the maintenance. When you understand the urgency, don’t forget to take Calscut Services for into consideration.

  • Watering
  • Summers can be dry at many times and if you have recently cut short your grass, then surely it needs hydration. So, for that you have to frequently water the grass as they needs moisture. For beautiful and refreshing lawns, watering is a must as frequent watering encourages grass to grow short roots and it helps in stretching out during droughts as well. An inch of water a week is compulsory during very hot week.

  • Feed Regularly
  • A well-fed lawn grows healthy and thick and it grows the capability to handle the heat as well. It consumes and retains their energy to handle the scorching temperature. Also with feeding well, you also need to pull out weeds and cooling of the soil is important. You need to feed the plants every 6-8 weeks of feeding, as this is when the soil processes all the microbes and nutrients to absorb.

  • Mow High
  • Longer grass has longer roots and that can turn down moisture even on hot or dry days. Therefore, cutting the grass is a solution to tone down the moisture absorbing quantity. Just set your mower on one of the highest settings and it will work best for your lawn.