Protect Garden Tools From Rust And Every Sort Of Disease

It’s important to clean the garden tools with the cleaning of garden. It is because these tools perform a very hard job for us and they too need maintenance for fine working. They should be cleaned after each use to prevent from disease, fungi, insect eggs and weed seeds from spreading into the garden. Garden care service is not at all an easy task as it needs many things to be properly taken care. But Calscut team can help you in doing the same.

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How To Take Care Of Gardening Tools?

Cleaning them on a regular basis also extends their life. Moreover, a good clean keeps the tools away from rust. We at Lawn Maintenance Service Brisbane are here to guide you on how to take care of the gardening tools. Have a look at these simple tasks which you can do it yourself:

  • Keep them in a dry place protected from any sort of liquid and if the tools can be hung up on a wall then it would be great!
  • It the tools are kept outside then the rust may take over due to rain or while sprinkling the water regularly. It is because moisture is the enemy of gardening tools.
  • Remove any wet soil present o them as this is the main culprit of corrosion. Rinse it off properly and make sure the tool is dried before storing it to its place.
  • Clean them properly and use oil on pruning shears regularly.Use a scrubby pad to remove the loosen dirt, wash them with lukewarm soapy water and then dry them thoroughly. Apply a few drops of oil on the blades, edges, joint and wipe off the excess oil with a tower.
  • Sharpen the tools once a year to use them for long time.
  • If necessary, sand the wooden handles of the tools and make them smooth. Finishing oil can also be applied on them.

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If you are looking for more detail on how to keep them away from disease and how to them live for a longer period then our connect with our team of Cheap Lawn Service who are always ready to help you in every possible manner. Make your garden healthy and enjoy the beauty of nature.